Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Beautiful Music

I am sitting here at the computer, listening to the music on my blog. There are violins playing a gorgeous arrangement of Sweet Hour of Prayer, and its giving me the goosebumps. I love string ensembles and even more when they are playing things I know the words to. Thrills me to the core.

Two of my bloggy buddies have decided not to continue blogging for a while, and that makes me sad. They both have very good reasons to do so, but I will miss them.

I did a post a while back about the differences between guy and gal bloggers. You know, I don't think the guys do Memes. We gals love getting to know our bloggy friends! I was tagged today, and what thrills me, is that sombody actually cares to hear about my every-day life.

I have a post brewing in my head, something I need to write about, that came about from something that was said to me in person, not in the blog-realm. I do know that it will offend a few people who participate in this particular activity, but I feel some things need to be said. So how can I do this without offending? How can I show my heart? Can I express a firm opinion without losing friends? I still need to stew on this a while...



Bethanie said...

you make me laugh. Honey, you just go right ahead and blog away. After all its your page.

Happymama said...

In the words of my Pastor, "I would rather hear one 'Thus saith the Lord,' than a thousand 'In my opinions."

I've read your posts, and I think I've gotten to know you well enough to know that whatever is on your heart will come from the Lord. So with that said, "Great peace have they which love thy law, and NOTHING shall offend them."

If it comes from the Lord, just say it! :)

You're a blessing!!


Michelle said...

Well, now you got me so curious I will be offended if you don't post it! Just kidding about the being offended part . . . just keep it general and I'll pretend it's not me. :-)

I'm for "just say it"!