Tuesday, August 15, 2006


First of all, is that a real word? WARNING; RANT AHEAD

If you will remember, I did a post about an article by Reb Bradley short while back. I didn't like it. I have been mulling it over in my head ever since, and I still don't like it.

Here is a little snippet I'd like to tackle:

When my 12-year-old son was 8 years old, he asked me why we took him into Wal-Mart when we shopped. He was distressed because he found himself noticing women’s underwear advertisements hanging around the store. I acknowledged his distress and encouraged him to pray for the models, that they would value modesty and come to faith in Christ. Knowing he would face harder tests in life than Wal-Mart ads, I wanted him, by occasional exposure, to become desensitized to such images, and I wanted him to develop a wholesome, prayerful response to those who tempt him.
In a society like ours, so full of immodest fashions, desensitization eventually will happen, but our children’s greatest need is to have compassion for those who tempt them. The root of lust is self-centeredness, so the more selfless and loving our children are, the less they will be impacted by lust. I therefore encourage parents to concentrate on raising children who selflessly love others. I have found that praying for those who tempt us accomplishes two things – the recipient receives prayer and we see them through the eyes of God. Those who see others from God’s perspective will tend to have compassion on them as lost s

Well, I think we should pray for the ungodly, but I would hope that our men never become accustomed to seeing immodestly dressed women. You know why? IHMO. Men are supposed to enjoy looking at their own wives. And let me tell you, not all of us look like models, and we don't have model figures. As men become accustomed to scantily-clad models, they may begin to wonder why don't their wives look like that.
Also, as men become "desensitized" to less-than-dressed actrices and models, they "need" greater stimulation, the first step on the road to pornography. All of a sudden their wives are dull and boring and ugly. I cannot compete with a model, and do not care to try!

The root of lust is self-centeredness, so the more selfless and loving our children are, the less they will be impacted by lust. I just plain don't agree with this statement.I can't quite put into words just why. I believe that God said to flee youthful lust. In certain areas, we are to stand firm. In certain areas, like lust, we are to flee. Run away. Lust is like fire, and you had better get away, or you'll get burned. You can't "manage" lust, you have to get completely away from it if you intend to stay pure.

Now, what do I think would be a good way to handle such a situation? I think the dad would have a good opportunity to talk to his boy about what God says about looking at a woman, at teach his boy to look away. As Sister Julie says, "Ponder your feet!" Your future wife will thank you.



Anonymous said...

I know that I always hate it when my son walks through Walmart with me and my daughters. It embarrasses him to see those pictures. And it embarrasses me when I have to buy underwear for my son and husband. They have to put pictures of models naked wearing only their underwear. I sure don't like looking at all that. It's hard to "ponder your feet" when you have to look for products like those. That's why I buy packages that don't have the picture on them. I'm not sure what I'll do when they start putting pictures on all of the packages!! What a wicked and perverted world we live in. And you're right about the pornography. It only takes one look at the wrong thing to get pulled into that sinful thing.

Bethanie said...

I agree.

Happymama said...

Well, I certainly do agree that we need to teach our children to pray for everyone, but there is a reason for the scripture that says, "I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes."

Rant away!!


Mrs.B. said...

What Kristi said! (o;

Arlene said...

Amen, amen, amen! The Bible tells us to flee temptation... not desensitize ourselves (or our CHILDREN!!!) to it! I'd better stop before I get into a rant, LOL!

Rhonda said...

Glad I'm not the only one! Oh Lord, keep me sensitive to sin!


Tori said...

Wow, could I disagree any more??? I dito what has been said before.

Like Patch said, we should "Put on our running shoes" a flee from sin.

Thanks for the post!!