Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Seems like we've all read this article. Very good, as is most from Homeliving Helper. I am coming from the opposite side. I have never ever been able to stick to a schedule. I am always hoping to at least establish routines.

I believe that, as Christian Homemakers, we should have a goal; a peaceful, productive home. Depending on where you are in your quest, you need to adopt different strategies. I have been in houses so messy and dirty, that peace is not possible. With everyone yelling, looking for this and that, no food planned, no where to sit. Have you seen houses like this? Nothing gets done, because you can't find anything. You can't have anyone over, because you're too embarrased for anyone to see your home. Home?

Then there's the other extreme, the lovely homes where Order Reigns Supreme. Kids are shoo'd to the den or their rooms, so that the rest of the house is kept "company ready" Of course, even the "company" feels uncomfortable, because you can feel the eyes of your hostess eyeing you, afraid something will be left out of place. I have known fine people who have a living room and a family room. The living room is for "company" but I have never known them to have any company nice enough to get to use the living room. Its just a fine showroom.

I analize my home. Do I need more structure? I do. Do you need less structure? I need to make menus. Do you need to make menus, or do you need to learn to "wing it"?
My point is, I need to do whatever it takes to make my house a home, a peaceful retreat, an inviting place. If you need a schedule, get one. If you need to get rid of your schedule, than do so. I must remember that the schedule is a means to an end, the end being my peaceful home.



Mrs.B. said...

I agree! We don't like 'cookie-cutter' lives!

I've learned so many good things from blogging and so many great ideas! But I must be careful to not try and copy someone else's life.

Well-said Rhonda!

Arlene said...

Yes, I think you're both right. :) God made each of us different, and we will run our homes differently. The point is that we make our house a home for our families and for God's glory... whether we use a schedule, print out menus, or whatever else.

Rhonda said...

Hi Mrs.B and Arlene! Yes, HOME is the goal!


Susan said...

One of my husband's favorite words is "balance." I am an all-or-nothing type of gal; I have a hard time finding the balance between schedule and free spirit (I have never stuck to a schedule in my life, though, which causes the frustration in my all-or-nothingness). So my husband tries to teach me that planning is good, but don't let the plan rule your life. What?? Have a plan, but don't have a plan? LOL I must learn to use the tool, not let the tool use me! Great post!

Rhonda said...

Thank you Susan! Glad to have you back to my blog!


Bethanie said...

My hubby hates structure. I love it. So I try to do only what I need to keep us organized the four days a week that he works. The weekends are free and he loves it. It seems that is what helps him to relax. He's a vissionary man so rules and schedules seem to cramp his style.