Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Back from Santiago

We just got back from Santiago this morning. We live about 450 miles south of Santiago, and because our van is in the shop, had to travel by bus. The trip going was horrible, but the trip home was not too bad. I have mounds of laundry to do, but that's not the end of the world. We had to go to Santiago because the Preacher had been invited to preach an evangelistic campaign in a small mission church. 2 people were saved. We are thankful for that, but would have loved to have seen more souls saved.
Back on the homefront, all is well. The Church had a great weekend without us. Our kid's club, "The Forest of the Allmighty" had its last meet for the year. We share the Gospel all year, but rarely give an invitation, due to the high instances of false professions. Anyway, we knew that this was the time to give the Gospel again, and an invitation. 4 children were saved on Saturday, and three more were saved on Sunday! We are all pleased, since we know that these children have heard the Gospel time and again, and probably understand it well.

We had a great Thanksgiving, just us and my mom. But we had all the trimmings. Of course, its Spring here, so no Fall leaves and the like.

I am having a blast with my vonage phone! Thank God for technology!

Please pray for our van. It looks like its going to be another week in the shop, and only God knows how much more money.

Pray for your missionaries! Satan does not give up easily where he has been given free reign.
In Christ,

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Anonymous said...

Wow how wonderful to have brought these children to Jesus Christ and His salvation! Remembering you in my prayers (and your van).