Thursday, November 09, 2006


I am loving seeing all of your Autumn photos. Its funny to me because here, in the southern hemisphere, it is now Spring! We are all beginning to thaw out.

What is the greatest drawback to having switched seasons? Having Christmas in the dead of Summer. That is a major bummer. I have lived in Chile for 23 years, and its still a bummer.
I know it may sound strange, but you need to pray for you missionaries around the holidays. Those are times when you miss your traditions and your family.

The good thing is that where we live here in Chile has a lot of German immigrant descendants, and the Germans know how to decorate for Christmas! And now, with things being the way they are, we can buy a ton of Christmassy things. One oddity we found today, we found a cute music boxy thing with a Joseph and Mary and Baby Jesus, very cute. BUT the music box plays "SantaClause is coming to town"!!!!!!!!!!! We used to play the Santa Clause thing growing up, but the Preacher is dead set against SC. That's OK with me, at least I get to have a tree. Later on, I'll post some interesting things about the Christmas Tree.



Michelle said...

Oh the irony!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol that is just too funny but also inappropriate to play that tune! We are trying a gentle way to avoid the Santa lie this year, praying, praying for guidance :o)