Friday, November 10, 2006

My Spirit Guide

How often do I pause to check and see if I am following the leading of the Holy Spirit, or just barging through with my words and deeds? Not often enough, would be my guess.

Now, I am not into touchy-feely mystisicm. But I am talking about a pause throughout the day, a little WWJD at every turn. Would Jesus talk that way, even if He was right? Jesus was occasionally harsh, most notably with the Pharisees in the Temple, which happened twice, FYI.

But, mostly, Jesus was gentle. Not effeminately gentle. Strong gentle. I believe He had the spirit of a gentle Giant.

Gentleness is something I need to cultivate in my life. It does not come naturally to me. Of course, gentleness was given me by the Holy Spirit as a birthday gift when I was born again.
But, just like some gifts, it is put away to be used later on. Shameful.

Gentleness. Hmmmm.


Anonymous said...

The “fruit” of the Spirit is singular meaning that all of the various items, love, joy, peace… etc are all part of one spirit. Gentleness cannot be separated from it. Either you are displaying all of the fruit or you are not. You can’t have love, joy and peace but be lacking in Gentleness. I guess what I’m trying to say is, you can’t cultivate Gentleness. It’s a matter of allowing the Spirit to move in you unhindered.

Anonymous said...

Amen Sis!!! This is good. God is letting me go through something right now that is testing my gentleness. I have to say I've not been doing very well lately. Thank God for His longsuffering with us!! I sure do fail Him alot!!

Michelle said...

Cool "Checka" this out: you know that I am aiming to not raise my voice in my home, so I'm reading "When you feel like Screaming" and this is a quote I loved

"True strength is always gentle - and real gentleness is strong."

Anonymous said...

Lol your post title made me jump and wonder if I had got the wrong blog, then realised that you were talking about the Holy Spirit :o)

I guess it's taking every thought and action captive for Christ. I struggle with gentleness and get taken over by ENTHUSIASM but boisterous enthusiasm has its place, and sometimes I need to remember quietness and gentleness. Hmmm, something for me to pray about I believe! Thanks Rhonda.

Dawn said...

Good food for thought! Thank you.