Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I just finished reading Chuck Swindoll's biography of Paul. Wow. Why is it that when I read the Bible, I read it, and miss so much. Then somebody comes along and shows me things I've read a dozen times or more, and never saw or realized. Boy do I feel dumb.

Paul was an exceptional character. Studying about him makes me feel unworthy to call myself a missionary. I suffer nothing for the Cause of Christ and cower before the lost instead of boldly proclaiming His Name. Swindoll also pointed out several things about waiting until God says "Go" I thought that was interesting because we usually tell people that if they are called, to just get up and go.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, except for some disturbing references to Mother Theresa. I know she did fine work for the poor, but she was still a Roman Catholic nun, therefore not to be confused with a biblical Christian hero. How can you quote Luther in one breath and Mother Theresa in the next?



Bethanie said...

I listen to Rev. Swindoll pretty often. He's on the radio during my drive home.
I've never heard him say anything about Mother Theresa, so I don't know what thats about.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that your door to door evangelism went well. Who knows what seeds of Heaven you have diligently planted in the hearts of those you spoke to - God knows!

Rhonda I must thank you so much for the encouraging comment on my post. I feel so overjoyed by the reminder that we possess Christ's nature! Thank you :o)

Michelle said...

Interesting, isn't it. I've got a few books of from C. Swindoll too . . .they are in my "to be read" pile.

I always liked the saying that often it is the most die-hard sinners that make the most radical christians, case in point - Paul.

I'm sure several christians at the time said to themselves "Why testify to him, he'll never be a christian!"

Look and see what the Lord has done!

Rhonda said...

Hello, Bethanie, Sarah, and Michelle!
Yes, the biggest sinners can make the boldest saints! And yes, we must not decide for ourselves who will be saved or not, we're just to give the message.

Sometimes when people come into our church, they are surprised at who they see. They say HE got saved? He sure needed it!

I once heard a preacher say that it is quite a priviledge to die for Christ, but I'd rather live for Him!