Monday, November 06, 2006

So here's how it went.....

Our door-to-door evangelization, that is. 6 of us ladies got together at my house. We went over what we wanted to do and what we should say. We prayed that God would bless our efforts, and give us souls for our hire. We planned to go out once a week for 4 weeks to see if it made a difference. Please understand that this place is very different from the US. When you go cold-turkey here, it really is cold-turkey. They have no prior information from which to draw on, as is, they have no idea what you are talking about. The predominant religion here is catholicism mixed with Mapuche paganism.
We asked God to give us 20 peolpe who will come to church, and 10 to be saved in the next four weeks.
So, we went out, two-by-two. We passed our invitations and tracts. We passed out Gospels of John to anyone with whom we were able to share the Gospel.
Did anyone show up on Sunday? No, but we did have the highest attendance that we've had in 6 weeks, and one young man got saved on Sunday night. Also our kids club had a great attendance on Saturday. So we are happy, and content to go again. Only this time we will be conducting "surveys" in the town square. We are putting God to the test. We expect Him to bless our obedience, since we are striving to delight Him by obeying His commands.

I'll keep you posted,


Anonymous said...

I've seen God's faithfulness proven true in our soul-winning endeavors as well. We don't have a ladies soul-winning group at the moment. I've had a burden for one for a while now but we live in such a dangerous area that my husband just doesn't have peace about an all women's soul-winning effort at the moment. I can tell you thought that through our church-wide soul-winning effort that we have only had MAYBE a couple of times in the 6 years we've been at this church that someone came as a result of the door-to-door soul-winning. But GOd has blessed our faithfulness to it and sent in people regardless. We've had some saved and join the church too. God only tells us to go out...we are to leave the results up to Him. I know for one that God blesses faithfulness. He will bless in ways we would never expect. Praise the Lord for the report you gave of your going knocking on doors and how God blessed. Amen!!

Mrs.B. said...

Good for you and Praise the Lord!

Susan said...

Great! We have seen the same thing happen in our church. In almost 2 years, we have seen exactly TWO people come as a direct result of soulwinning door to door. But we have had visitor after visitor come from other sources, such as flyers and ads in the paper.

Many people don't realize it, but in the Vancouver, Canada area, it's much different than in the US also. There are so many immigrants here from all over the world that we meet people every time we're out who know absolutely nothing about the Gospel, and they know little to nothing about Jesus Christ.

I love the idea of asking God for specific results in a period of time. I don't know why we haven't thought of that other than for a big day!

Anonymous said...

I've heard of that happening more than once. The people you visited may never come to church, but God will bless your efforts by sending other visitors your way.
Keep up the good work!!

Rhonda said...

Thanks for your kind support, Sis.Julie, Mrs.B, Susan and Courtney.
I will believe that God will work even in this pagan land, and I will do my part.

Michelle said...

I am in agreement with you that God will bless your obedience.

Another thing this speaker said last missions weekend, was that he may have failed - and make mistakes, done things wrong - who knows how many times, he couldn't know because God made it work out! Like a child trying . . and a parent sees them trying, us; as human parents LOVE seeing them try something for us and even if they do it all wrong, it still is OK because we pick up the loose ends. How much more God? Doesn't He look on us and say "Look! They're trying!" and bless it?
Be blessed!

Rhonda said...

That is so true, Michelle!!!!! God's mercy is so great that He covers up so many of my inadequacies. He sees my efforts and my heart. Thank you, Jesus!