Friday, November 03, 2006

How to give to missions

God requires giving from us. First our tithe, then our offerings. These are to be given through your Church. (the Storehouse) I find that when someone starts giving to a cause, they suddenly find themselves very much involved. When you give your money, you find that your heart soon follows!

Next step. Ask yourself this question: why am I not a missionary? (or full-time Christian worker) God already commissioned you for foreign service, per Matthew 28. He said "Go ye (that means you) therefore" Did you "go"? Why not?

Next step. God has chosen to finance His work through your offerings. Look at Ezra 1:1-3
Freewill offerings. That is over and above your tithe, which you are to pay, as it does not belong to you.

I have two giving options for you, the first being "faith promise missionary giving" This is where you decide, through the Lord's leading, how much you will give monthly or weekly, and then give it, no matter what. The second is basically the same, except for you promise a percentage instead of a fixed amount. This is good, because the more God blesses you, the more you give. My ideal would be to start with a fixed amount, and never go below that, no matter what your income, but give more if God should bless you.

Certain denominations ask for a once-a-year offering. God says to give as you have been prospered. You should give everytime you get a paycheck. Its relatively easy to give once a year, its more difficult to give all the time.

When I go to many US churches, I see a lively "worship" service. Let me tell you, you worship best with your pocketbook. Singing is cheap.

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Michelle said...

very definite.

I am surprised by how much I agree with you!

I especially loved your last paragraph.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you Rhonda. We tithe and gift, even when it is difficult and God has provided when we have really needed. As Christians, everything we have and receive belongs to God anyway. I believe that God is very generous and kind only asking for a mere 10% tithe of what is His already.

Gift giving is wonderful. It is a way of supporting the work of the church and missions, etc. It is a way of giving something back to our mighty God who gave all on the cross that we might have eternal life.

I think it was John Wesley who gave 90% of his income and lived off the 10% that was left (but I might have got the wrong old time preacher there, lol)

p.s. would you keep hubby's Dad in your prayers, he's on mission work in Tanzania, it took him 3 days to get there from England.

p.p.s. I'll keep you in my prayers for the door-to-door work, have you already done it?