Friday, May 05, 2006

Busy weekend

When you are in the ministry, weekends are busy!!!! Dh is headed to Santiago with 2 deaf men to see the deaf ministry in Santiago, 10 hours away.
Meanwhile, I'm at home with the kids, and kid-sitting 3 MKs for the weekend. AND I will be hosting the Pastor who is filling my DH's pulpit, and his family. Not to mention all the regular weekend Church work. I think I'm hanging around cyberspace just to avoid all the work I need to do!

Hospitalilty. What a nice word! And of course, my DH, as a pastor, should be given to it. But everyone knows that hospitality basically lies with the wife. That would be me. Neil loves to have company, the more the merrier. I am a wanna-be loner. Let me tell you that there is not much room in God's work for a loner!!

So, I'm off to change sheets and clean the guest bathroom (thank you, God, becuase I have a guest bathroom) mop floors and cook food.

Also thanks to Rebekah Anast for some good ideas in this month's NGJ newsletter about encouarging my kids to get along without fighting. So far, so good.

Most likely I will not have time to hang out in Blogland.

God bless


Susan said...

Hospitality! I love having people around, for a while, but my dh is the loner in our family. And you're right - there's not much room in the ministry for loners! He is doing a marvelous job of becoming more sociable.

I hope that you enjoy your weekend, even though it's a busy one!

Rhonda said...

You too, Colleague!