Friday, May 05, 2006

Can you help?

Can anyone around here explain in a very easy way how to add things like favorite links and blogs and whatever lists and photos you gals put on your blog?

I need Blogger for Dummies, but don't know where to buy it!



Lisa said...

Hi! If you go into your template and scroll down, you will see something like href="http://www.editme..blah blah. If you go to your favorite website and "copy" the link you can go back in and "paste" the link in the place of the one that is there. I'm probably making it more confusing. lol

Let's will look something like...href=""GroggyFroggy...That's not it exactly but just copy what is in your template. Substitute the address you want.

I'm sorry, I'm not explaining it well and there might be an easier way but this is how I do it.

The pictures you can do when posting. There is a little camera icon. When you click on it, it will tell you to upload. You probably will need an image hosting site, even though it claims to let you upload from your computer...mine never will. You can also add a link in your text by clicking on the green chainlink/frog looking thing. If you highlight the name of the link then click on that icon, type in the web address, click ok and the link will be clickable.

That's pretty much the extent of my blogging knowledge. LOL won't let me show you the special little designs because blogger comments don't allow tags, other than bold, italics, etc. sorry. It's still close enough to figure it out I think.

I sure said alot for the small amount I know.

Rhonda said...

Thanks, I will Try.

Bethanie said...

I've used the litte "help?" thing (should be at the top) several times. I'm still figureing things out to.

Lisa said...

If you go to blogger and click on your name just like you do to make a post, then go into the template tab and scroll down until you see it talk about the "sidebar", you'll see the href stuff. It's pretty close to the bottom of the template. I double-checked. My Messy Musings blog has the same template that you're using, so I think it should be the same.I copied and pasted it for you but then remembered that it won't let me post it here. Sorry. :(