Friday, May 12, 2006

I found it!

After reading several references to it, I finally read the Prairie Muffin Manifesto. Yep, that's me, or better, what I aspire to be. So when asked what I want to be when I grow up, I now know to say, "a Prairie Muffin" (some think I'm already grown up at 33 with a hubby and two kids, but I know better!)

I have a young lady in my Church whom I am trying to mentor. She truly wants to please God in all but it is so difficult when you feel like you're the only one. And here where we are, she is the only one! So before she get all "Elijah" on me, I'm going to let her know that she's not the only one, God has godly servant-girls just like her, wanting God's best. Willing to wait, willing to be different.

Won't Heaven be grand? Being in the presence of Jesus, praising Him. And then, greeting old friends I've never met.

God bless, my friends!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord that you want to live a sold-out life for Christ. We do need more ladies and young ladies that are willing to sacrifice self to live for the Lord. If others would get ahold of that...imagine the impact we could have for the kingdom of God. May God use you and those others out there that are willing to sacrifice all to live a separated and godly life that others might desire to have what we have and come to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a real and personal way.

Mrs.B. said...

I like the 'Prairie Muffin Manifesto' too! I printed it out and put it into my binder. (o:

Anonymous said...

I must try that Prairie Muffin site, I'm sure I registered but what happened next I can't remember! :o)

Lisa said...

I've never heard of it. I must investigate. You cracked me up with your "gets all "Elijah" on me".

Lisa said...

I just read it. It's wonderful. I'm afraid I've taken the birth control thing into my own hands (although God could certainly work around that I'm sure. teehee)but I don't think it's too late for the rest of it for me. :) Maybe life really does begin at

Anonymous said...

Hello again. I was getting mixed up between the prairiehomemaker site. I have found the prairie muffin manifesto.

I love the item 11) 'Prairie Muffins own aprons and they know how to use them', it sounds like a threat. Danger - woman with apron! LOL ;o)

Rhonda said...

Yes, my dear friends. We have aprons! I now have 4.

I informed my husband that I was a Prairie Muffin, and he just gave me a blank stare that said "Huh?"

But that doesn't matter, what matters is what I do.

I guess this Prairie muffin needs to turn off the computer and get to work!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee you made me laugh. My husband accused me of being Amish, apron, long skirt and all. I informed him that the Amish didn't use hairdryers, bread makers, crockpots or computers (as far as I know!)and therefore I felt that being Amish was NOT my mission in life (beautiful people they are though). Lol.