Monday, May 08, 2006

Why I like Flylady

I was over at Ladies Against Feminism the other day. That is a really great site. I truly enjoy it. Some nice gal over there wrote a "Friendly critique" of Flylady. I must admit that I agreed with most of it. I feel that Flylady knows some about God, but not enough to know that Jesus Christ is necessary in our lives, not just "God". I truly hope that someone can one day witness to her and tell her the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

I am also totally against the "Finally loving yourself" mantra, per se. I do realize the need for a godly woman to take good care of herself so that she is able to be a help meet and a mother that's not totally exhausted and worn out.

I am also against any mention of fung shui.

HOWEVER, I like just about everything else about Flylady!!! I was not in total CHAOS, but I felt like an absolute failure at housekeeping. What's more, I disliked it. I hated making the bed. I really hated washing the dishes. I'll be totally honest, I am awed when I see women who enjoy the work. Born-organized people annoy me, more than inspire me. I am concerned about gals who live on a minute to minute schedule. Sour grapes? Maybe.

But Flylady, that I can do. Simple, easy instructions. Attainable goals. Happy Husband. Calm children. OK, we're still working on that part.

What dear Flylady might not know is this. Homemaking is Godly. Homemaking with a smile and a good attitude is godliness and the road to great help meet-ness.

I feel that God sent Flylady just for me. Once a become a great homemaker, I might just start sewing! Who knows?

I would give "Sink Reflections" to a bride, along with "Created to be his help meet"

So, Flylady might not be for you, but thats OK, becuase God sent her for me!


Anonymous said...

Have you been over at She's just done a post about FlyLady - she met her the other day.

Susan said...

I'm like you - I firmly believe that God sent FlyLady along just when I needed her. I was part of the SHE's in Touch message board, of which FL was also a part, and one day she mentioned that she was willing to mentor a few people if they wanted to learn how to keep their homes using Pam and Peggy's SHE system. A couple of weeks later, I hit rock bottom with my house (I was sick, just diagnosed with diabetes), and someone mentioned FlyLady's little mentoring list. I joined it, and saw immediate results! I don't like the focus on self, and I don't like the feng shui, and I can handle the fact that she doesn't share my faith in Jesus Christ (that doesn't mean I don't want to see her saved, just that I realize she is not a believer and not let that interfere with the help I get from her).

I've found Making It Home ( to be just about perfect! It's based on biblical principles and godly homemaking, so it fills in and rounds out FlyLady. I've switched exclusively to MIH recently, but FlyLady was the foundation for me.

Rhonda said...

Thanks Mrs Blythe, I went right over. I love writing to you Mrs Blythe, I think I'm writing to Anne of Green Gables!

Susan, you were one of the original Flybabies? WOW

BTW why do you have 2 blogs? I just found your other one.

have you read Body clutter?


Lisa said...

I like Flylady. I enjoy MIH much more. I feel that I get spiritual nourishment there as I am reminded of who it is I serve and reminded to pray for my family. I also enjoy the nice folks over that Susan lady. :)

Mrs.B. said...

Great post!

I wasn't 'born organized' but my Mom is. And one of the good things I gained from my Mom is a dislike of clutter...and imho, that is half battle of cleaning.

The other thing I got tired of with flylady was all of the was a bit much for me but I did find it helpful at first!

I always enjoy your posts, Rhonda, thanks!

~Mrs. B

Tiany said...

Great post and exactly how I have always felt about flylady! Her system has blessed our home in so many ways! And what a great idea to share "Sink reflections and CTBHHH" to a new bride! Im going to rmemeber that one :-)

Anna said...

I needed Flylady too, and found her about four? years ago. I can't believe how much my life and attitude at home have changed since then. God knew what I needed!