Tuesday, May 09, 2006

One Hour

A line just caught my eye over at Susan's. The One Hour Challenge. My house was in good shape last night, but with DH's arrival this morning, schooling and Ladies Bible study, the house is a mess. DH just took off for Seminario with about 10 students. He'll be back around 12:30 a.m.

So, I've decided to take the challenge and get this mess cleaned up.

On another note, DH got back this morning from a trip to Santiago with 2 deaf men. Neil is not fluent with sign language, but he learned that one of these 2 men is saved and the other one opened his heart to God this weekend. This man is 40 years old, and up until this year, has had no language at all. His mother told me how he came home and told her through his primitive sign language how he opened up his heart to God and let Him come in. Neil is overwhelmed with emotion at Miguel's salvation.

Please pray for the deaf here in Lanco.


One hour has passed. Eileen and I worked steady and the house looks good. Not great, but peaceful. Ronnie did schoolwork and did pretty good.
When you have no way to have a set schedule, you work when you can.
All our days are different, and can change at any time. Also, when my Command Man DH needs me to help, I stop whatever and help. It is not an easy thing when DH is in and out of the house all day. I kind of envy you gals whose DH works regular hours and comes home at specific times. Oh well, this is my calling.
So, the one hour challenge is good. Thanks for the idea.


Susan said...

I'm glad the one-hour challenge was a help to you! The more deeply we become involved in our church, the more my dh is depending on me for help with different things. Although I have a basic schedule, it gets "messed up" quite often here lately, both by Wes and me! LOL All that to say I'm beginning to know where you're coming from with doing housework whenever you get the chance!

Lisa said...

Susan, I first read that as saying, "the more my dh is spending on me for help" hehehe I just knew that couldn't be right so I reread it.

Good job Rhonda! I know that must be a difficult way to live at times. Tim is home all the time but I am learning to work around him. lol