Monday, May 08, 2006


I have only recently discovered my niche in Blogland. Christian Homemakers. I belong here!!!!
One issue that comes up regularly is femininity. There is a lot said about it. Clothing comes into play. But, as I just read at Homeliving Helper, there is more to it than clothes.

I live in a Latin American country. Women in general are more feminine here than in the US. The culture here is more conducive to femininity. Unfortunately, its more sensuality than femininity.

But when I return the US, I am shocked by what I see. Women that look like men. Not only by their clothes and haircuts, but its seems that their faces have taken on a rugged look. They sit like men. They walk like men. They have a "I could lift a truck" look on their faces. Their language is like, well, I don't know exactly what its like. I hate profanity and vulgarity. Its like a slap in the face. And the men are more and more sissified, polished, "pretty".

I think that we need to continue to strive for feminine dress, speech, walk and "air". We are going against the current. Our society is very unisex. Keep up the good work, Ladies!



Kelleigh said...

"They have a "I could lift a truck" look on their faces."

I couldn't quite describe the expression before - I think you've got it! Something like a fearsomely capable look right?

Helen Andelin of Fascinating Womanhood fame puts it this way - a feminine woman should never appear capable of "killing her own snakes".

Glad you've found your niche - this is where I belong too.

Happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh with the truck lifting comment. We have two ladies across the road who have a...relationship...not sure how to put it. But one of the said ladies has that truck expression. I popped over a while back to collect some mis-sent post. She was quite terrifyingly manly.

I pray one day I (or someone) will get a chance to show Jesus to them, but I need to get past my nervousness and love them like Jesus does, despite appearances.

p.s. Yes, Anne of Green Gables is a book-passion of mine! How did you guess? ;o)

Mrs.B. said...

I couldn't agree with you more! (o: