Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wallowing in Self-pity makes you do dumb things

Our sending pastor has this great sermon entitled "Sin makes you stupid" That is one of the truest truths I've ever heard. Self-pity is a sin, too. And it makes you just as stupid as any other sin.

Let's think about Sarah.
Wonderful, beautiful, Sarah. She was so great, she got mentioned twice in the New Testament. Once in Hebrews and once in 1 Peter. But she got bogged down in self-pity when she could not conceive a child. This led to an incredible lapse in judgement (stupid) She decided to encourage Abraham to take a concubine in order to have a child. You might try to tell me that this was a common occurence and you might be right. But it was still wrong and stupid and made her feel worse than she did before! I am sure that not being able to have a child is sad, but how much more when you give your hubby over to someone else, who then has a kid right under your nose! That's gotta hurt! Just look at Anna and Elcanah in 1 Samuel.

Let's think about David
David the Great, a man after God's own heart. Yeah, and stupid, too. This was the guy who as a teenager was a giant in the Lord. He faced the Philistine and killed him while the men of Israel cowered. There are so many wonderful things to write about David. Yet, look at this incredibly stupid thing he does because of self-pity. After he spares Saul's life yet again, Saul tells him that he gives up and he won't continue to try to kill David. Then David turns around and starts whining that he's probably going to die at the hand of Saul. Boo hoo. I'd be better off if I went and dwelt with the Philistines.
The PHILISTINES!!!!!! David has killed hundreds of the idolatrous Philistines. And now, he's off to live with them! ARRRRHGH!!!!!!

Self-pity has many unpleasant consequences. Stupidity is one of them.

Be thankful. Have a gratitude attitude. Self-pity will flee away.



Janet said...

Dear Rhonda,

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have been enjoying some things I have read here. I hope you'll add more quotes from Mr. Gray's book, as that is one I have always wanted to read.:)


Rhonda said...

Thanks Janet.
If you have any martians in your life at all and I mean Dads, sons, Pastors (they are martians too!)
knowing how to better communicate with them is always great!

Anonymous said...

This was a great post Sis!! I tend to wallow in my own self pity at one time or another...and I never feel worse when I do. It doesn't make me feel any better...so why do it...right? I'm sure we all get to that point from time to time. Thank God that He puts up with us for sometimes I have a hard time understanding why. I know He loves us unconditionally...that isn't what I'm saying...but its just hard to comprehend the kind of love He has for us and the kind of love we should have for others...including OURSELVES!!!

Anonymous said...

I too wallow in self pity. I need to remember to leave everything in God's hands. Our pastor is away and the assistant pastor preached partly about the beauty of God's creation. And I have realised how hurtful it must be to God for us to long after material possessions when he has created such beauty in the world for free! It's almost as if we are saying that a shiny new car created by man has more beauty than a sunset or flower created by God :o)