Friday, May 19, 2006

Single Gals

I had a really good talk with my friend Sandra last night. Sandra is 22, studying (as per her parents desire) to be a teacher. I have been trying to teach Sandra what God intends for women. I know that God created us to be help meets. But what about in the mean time? There are no really good Christian men around here and even if there were, we do not just go around looking for a husband. So, what is she created for now? I believe that it is really necessary to bloom where you are planted. God wants her single now. So it must be possible to live a full, meaningful, joyful life now. She agrees, but says that its the comments from other people that make her feel bad. Comments like "When are you getting married" and "What about so-and-so?, You could marry him" She says that sometimes she feels like she's missing out on something great, and that maybe she had better "settle" for whoever is available.

1. Never settle. If you don't feel honored and thrilled to marry him, then don't.
2. Lets watch what we say and how we tease.

I told her that you can be a totally fulfilled single person.
If you weren't happy single, you might not be happy just because you got married.
I say this because I really intended to stay single a while. I was happy. I was going to go to Bible school, and if there was some guy left after the three years, well, I'd probably marry him. The Lord (and Neil)had other plans and I got married at 20.

I am learning to be more careful about my words so as not to make others feel "less"

I am trying to help "my girls" to know that God wants them to thrive no matter what their status in life is now. Single, married, abandoned, widowed, orphaned, with kids or without.

God wants us to be joyful, and useful to Him, in every season of life.

I am glad that God doesn't expect us all to be exactly the same. He puts us in different places for different reasons and spending time in doubt or self pity are a waste. I can be happy anywhere!
Love in Christ,


Anonymous said...

I agree that one shouldn't start to date or think about marrying anyone unless you are truly sure they are right for you. We can get pressurised by the world to date too early and marry too early. I was a late starter in the world of dating, and even then they weren't good choices. I felt so bad that I lied that I had a boyfriend at one point! (this is pre-being born again).
We should always be at peace with our circumstances because to be discontent is to take our trust away from God. Of course if we are going through bad times it is right to seek God and to seek prayer, but to always trust that His will be done. Blessings Rhonda.

Terri said...

Great post, Rhonda. One of the girls in our Sunday School class was asking basically the same question yesterday. Thank you for being an encouragement!