Monday, May 29, 2006

I have a confession....

As you know, I am a Christian, like Mrs. B, of the Independant, Fundamental Baptist variety. We try to live a life separated for God.
I say all that as an introduction to one of my favorite marriage books. I have only a handful of secular books and this is one of them! Here it is...........the name of the book is........Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. There. I said it. I feel much better now! Several years ago that book was a best-seller. I didn't read it then. I found a hardbacked copy for 2 bucks at a library and I bought it.

John Gray is not a Christian. However he has stumbled across some priciples that are actually biblical. The best part of the book for me was that he gives very practical application of these principles!

Here's a sample quote I found helpful: Men are like Rubber bands.

Why Men Pull Away When Women Get Close
For many women, a man tends to pull away precisely at the time when she wants to talk. This occurs for two reasons

1. A woman will unconsciously sense when a man is pulling away and precisely at those times she will attempt to reestablish their intimate connection and say “Let’s talk.” As he continues to pull away, she mistakenly concludes that he doesn’t want to talk or that he doesn’t care for her

2. When a woman opens up and shares deeper and more intimate feelings it may actually trigger a man’s need to pull away. A man can only handle so much intimacy before his alarm bells go off, saying it is time to find balance by pulling away. At the most intimate moments a man may suddenly automatically switch to feeling his need for autonomy and pull away.

Learning this concept alone was worth a fortune to me!

More to come!



Anonymous said...

I feel a bit naughty too when I love books that aren't written by Christians. But I think as long as you read it prayerfully and it doesn't make you go against scripture or God's will then it's OK. Like Paul said (sorry paraphrase too lazy to get Bible) everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. We just need to avoid that which isn't beneficial and takes us away from God. Does that make sense?

Rhonda said...

That's my reasoning! We must be discerning.
Glad to hear from you!

Nicholas Cardo said...

I am a Independant Fundamental Baptist who just graduated from Commonwealth Baptist College in KY. I think that your article about reading non Christian books is very amusing. I really liked it...good job.