Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I just read a post at Mrs. B's about blogging, and if I knew how to link to a specific post, I would link to that one.

I've gone to all extremes. I once saw a movie years ago about a robot who always wanted "input" I, too, feel the need for "input", new info. I like feeling globally connected. I like knowing that there are others like me, struggling like me. Its nice to know that others have gained victory over their faults and shortcomings. I like knowing I have a friend in England, and a friend in Croatia and a friend in Canada, plus all over the Good Ole USA.

What I try to do (usually) is to have certain "checkpoints". If my blogging makes me be a better housekeeper than yesterday, than that's a green light. If I am falling behind on daily tasks, then I know I need to cut back. Blogging has been good for me and I am thankful. I am doing better than before. And I have all of you to thank for it.

More later when the house is clean.........


Mrs.B. said...

Excellent thought Rhonda and you're right, that is a good way to tell how blogging is in our lives. (o:

Now to add a link to your post is quite easy.

1. You need to highlight the address of the blog/post you wish to link to (I highlight with my mouse and hit the 'control' and 'c' keys at the same time).

2. Then while typing your post you highlight the word(s) that you want linked(I usually use the person's name or 'HERE' or 'this post')

3.In the tool bar you will see a little green world with a chain on it, click on it and then paste the address (I use 'control v')onto the line.

**If you copy and paste, be sure and remove the letters 'http' or they will be there twice and your link will not work.

I'm not the best at typing out instructions but if these aren't clear let me know and I'll try and explain it better.


Rhonda said...

I also found this

"target ="_blank"

So that the link opens in a new window, Thanks to Snapshot.

Anonymous said...

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