Thursday, July 27, 2006

Friends, real friends

This week I had the privilege of seeing two friends that I had not seen in over ten years.
Honestly, I had given up hope of ever seeing them again, this side of Heaven. What a Joy! We laughed over the past and are looking forward to the future. We're hoping to cruise together in 2008. A girl can dream, can't she?

I can truly say that I enjoy solitude. I rarely get it, but I enjoy it. Also, I have few friends. Well, I have a ton of regular friends. I know many, many people. I like a lot of people, but friends are few and far between. You know the kind.

As I sit here and blog, I am listening to the Old Fashioned Christian Radio. I love it!! Just another reason to stay in front of the computer. Music is so powerful. I feel like Anne of Green Gables, when I hear this good music, its like feeling a prayer. Makes me want to get all weepy and teary. Thank you Tori. One of the drawbacks of being where I am is that I do not get to sing in a regular choir. If you sing in your Church choir, I envy you. So I sit in front of the computer and sing!

Thank you God for my friends



Anonymous said...

Music has always been something I have loved. Thank God now I listen to GOOD music that is God's music and not EVIL music that is the devil's music. Music has such an effect on a person....either the devil's music on the flesh or God's music on the Spirit!! I think I'll take godly music anyday!!

Mrs.B. said...

Yes, music is so powerful! Thank you've helped me to remember to not take what I have for granted. (o:

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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