Friday, July 07, 2006

Company's Coming!

I've got company coming tomorrow evening, and until then I have a very full schedule. I've always had a ton of company all the time, the Preacher is very given to hospitality.

But since I've been in Blogland, influenced by so many lovely ladies, I feel differently about this time. I want to make it special. I want my guests to feel that they are truly wanted guests and that I am honored to have them.

I don't know what I'll do differently, but I will have a different mind-set.

Of course you all know, that any of you are welcome here. Its just a 14 hour flight and then a 10 hour drive. Stay as long as you like!



Tori said...

Hope you have a wonderful time entertaining your guests.

Mrs.B. said...

Have a lovely time!

It's so funny you posted this because I've been thinking on the same thing....about my 'mind-set' when having company.

And isn't it so wonderful when our 'mind-set' changes for the better? (o:

Anonymous said...

I'd love to visit Rhonda. BTW I love the pussy-cat picture :o)