Friday, July 07, 2006

I am having fun!

Look what I made! And this is just the beginning!


Anonymous said...

I can tell you are having fun. How are you doing all this that you are doing? I love it for sure but I don't know how to do anything on my site!!!

Rhonda said...

I made it up on Printmaster! The card was ready made and I added the verse.

And YES, I am having fun!

Mrs.B. said...

OK you're going to have to make something for all your friends!

How about making up one that says something like: 'Proud to be Independent, Fundamental, Baptist'. (o;

Anonymous said...

Clever lady! You're having fun aren't you? :o)

Rhonda said...

Thank you all, yes, I am grinning from ear to ear. Doesn't take much to thrill me!

The only problem is that I can get them into the posts, but I haven't figured what I need to do to get them into html code to put into the header or sidebar.
Aha! Another challenge! I ACCEPT