Saturday, July 15, 2006

Our first wedding

After 10 years, we are having the very first wedding in our Church. Patty and Fabian are getting married. He's 27 and she's 19. She is quitting her job to start her carreer as wife.
I have had the opportunity to start training her to be a Biblical wife, caring for her husband, her home, and the children that God will send when and if He chooses.
I have been giving her all the good advice I've seen, how to be submissive or how not to be submissive, how to be contented and not get into debt. How to care for her house.
She has been very attentive and I am hopeful for her and her future husband.
Any last minute advice I can share?


Happymama said...

I remember reading somewhere that when asked for Cindy's hand in marriage, Jack Hyles told his son-in-law to be to give him one year of training his daughter to be a wife. He said, "If you marry her now, she will be a good wife. But if you let me train her for one year, she will be a great wife."

It sounds as though you have given Patty a good foundation to start her married life. That's great.

I know you're excited about this being your first wedding there. It's exciting hearing about it. :) I hope you tell ALL about it when it happens. I just adore a good love story. ;)

~Sis Kristi

Tori said...

How exciting. Haven't had that yet here, but we do have a young lady who is engaged, they just have decided the details.

Sounds so neat.

Anonymous said...

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