Friday, July 07, 2006

Favorite Verses

I don't have a "life verse" but I do have a few that seem to pop into my mind often. I learned this verse throughout my years with ACE. Now my children learn it as well. Obeying this verse would be a lifetime achievement, one that I strive for. I must say that its one that I often struggle with.
I guess that "speech" must also refer to "writing". Don't you agree?


Mrs.B. said...

I really like Col 4:6 too!

Yes, I agree that it includes writing.

The one that always makes me tremble is the one that talks about giving an account for every idle word! When it comes to the blog that verse makes me tremble with fear!

Anonymous said...

How pretty. A wonderful verse too.

Andrea said...

I just read that verse yesterday! Thank you for sharing. Lovely graphic too! I've just hopped by your blog a couple times...I have an interest in missions as well! God bless!

Rhonda said...

Hello to the Mrs B's! Yep, if anyone needs to shut me up, just quote Col 4:6.

Hi, Andrea! You're welcome here anytime!

Anonymous said...

How pretty!!! I love what you are doing in your posts! Sure wish I knew how to do it. :(