Friday, July 07, 2006

My kind of Art

I love this graphic! I love American folk art. I like this one especially because of the black-and-white border. (that is a joke on me because I am very much a black-and-white type of person)

I had a wild day today. A lady in our church who fancies herself a beautician came to put highlights in my hair. It was wild, especially after I realized that she was bleaching all my hair, not just streaks. I got up and ran to the kitchen sink to rinse the bleach off.
I look funny now.


Anonymous said...

Oh no!! Was there some sort of misunderstanding? Today must be the day for hair mishaps. My oldest daughter im-ed us a little while ago and said she was coloring her was supposed to be a strawberry blonde color...she said it is more like orange!! Yikes!! I don't think I'll tackle anything with my hair today...LOL!!

Mrs.B. said...

Oh know Rhonda! I hope you can have it fixed.

And I can't see the didn't show up.

Mrs.B. said...

Ok, Now I can see it. I like it too because I, too, love American folk art. I also like Mary Engelbreit.

Tori said...

I can totally relate to you beautician plight. I went to have my hair colored (gray ya know) and the beautician left the salon after she put the dye on my hair and was very late getting back. My brown dye turned out very black. In Europe if you sit in a beautician's chair it's the same as signing a waiver. *Ü*

I like the graphic also, I like black and whites too.

Anonymous said...

Oh no Rhonda! I've had my fair share of hair dye disasters in my time! The trouble with bleach is that it won't wash off, but it can be covered with another dye at least. :o)

The graphic is pretty by the way.:o)

Rhonda said...

That's what I get for being vain, i guess.
My hair was very blonde until I married and has gotter darker with the years. Adding hightlights for me usually looks very natural, more like my younger self.
Now I just look like a freak.
Its not that bad but still....