Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The importance of selfless giving.

As a Prairie Muffin, I know that I am not to idolize Laura Ingalls. However, there are many things about her life story that can be wonderful lessons for us.

The Ingalls taught their girls to be selfless. When Mary went blind, everything changed for their family. Laura was expected to teach, an idea she found distasteful. But teach she did. She taught several terms, often under difficult circumstances. Then, when she was paid, she handed her money over to Pa, for Mary's college fund.

To most people today, this would seem totally unfair. Why should I do something I do not want to do, for someone else's benefit? How unfair is that?

Mary did go to a school for the blind for seven years. She learned many things that allowed her to lead a somewhat productive life and also make friends. After college, she came home, never to leave again. She lived with Ma for the rest of her life.

Was Laura bitter about the years she spent working for her sister's education? I think not. I believe she was trained to do the selfless thing, and all benefitted from it.

Selflessness is not a natural thing. Most of us are extremely selfish. Selflessness must be taught, instilled in the hearts of little ones.

When I figure out how to do that, I'll let you know; )



Mrs.B. said...

Very true! I did a post on selflessness today too.....great minds think alike! (o:

Amy said...

I also love this part of the Laura Ingalls story. The relationship between Laura and Mary really changes and matures as they grow up. Instead of competing they become good friends, in spite of their very different personalities. The way Laura works so hard to help Mary and her family through sewing, teaching etc. is such a wonderful example - I love reading these books to my children.

Anonymous said...

This was good. I know the tv show "Little House On The Prairie is not like the books. I would encourage everyone to read the series of books. There is much to be learned within the pages of those books. I have been doing several posts that deal with self and selfishness. I guess that must be the subject or issue that God is trying to drill into some hearts. This was a blessing. Thanks for sharing it. And you...when I learn to keep self out of the way...I'll let you know!!...LOL!!

Happymama said...

Amen, Rhonda.

Tori said...

So true! Too bad good virtues aren't as easy of maintain as bad ones. :0)

Anonymous said...
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