Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I've been tagged!

My very first tag. I had been feeling a little left out. No longer Thanks Sarah!

3 Things that scare me:
a.getting on a scale b. having to confront someone about their sin. c. finding a good husband for my little girl when she grows up ( I am not really a fearful person at all)

3 people who make me laugh
a Amy from Amy's humble musings b. Dave Barry c. Michael Pearl

3 Things I love,
a. the internet b ice cream c bowling

3 Things I hate
a. complaints b. washing dishes c. dentists

3 Things I do not understand
a. algebra b. football c. art

3 Things on my desk
a. my credit card b. my son's pencil box c. my CDs

3 Things I am doing right now.
a. Waiting for the Preacher to come home. b. blogging c. procrastinating about doing the dishes before bed.

3 Things I want to do before I die.
a go to Israel b. see New England in the Fall c. control my anger

3 Things I can do,
a. Play the piano b. speak fluent Spanish c. ice skate

3 Ways to describe my personality
a. friendly b. decided (opinionated) c. happy

3 Things I can't do
a. do crafts b. draw a straight line c. stay up late

3 Things I think you should listen to
a The Holy Spirit b. your Husband c. Your Mom

3 Things you should never listen to:
a. Negative people b. worldly wisdom c.criticism of others

3 Absolute favorite foods
a Enchiladas b. southwester eggrolls c cinnamon rolls

3 Things I'd like to learn
a. to control my tongue b. to paint c. html

3 Beverages I drink regularly
a Iced tea b diet coke c. regular coke

3 shows I watched as a kid
a Bugs Bunny b.the Jetsons c Little House

3 Things I really want to do
a. go to Disneyworld b. get a new piano c. learn sing language well

Ok, that took a long time!
Now my turn to tag
I tag :
Kristi (happymama)
Michelle from Ensenada
Mrs R from Be not Conformed

Bye Now!


Tori said...

This was neat.
Okay Southwestern Eggrolls??

Oh and I love enchiladas, and iced tea, Little House on the Prairie and I would love to go to Israel. *Ü*

Mrs.R said...

Thanks for tag Rhonda, but I've decided not to participate in any Meme's. Thanks for thinking of me though and I enjoyed reading yours.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I want to learn html, most of my successful blogging things have been sheer luck (not that I believe in luck, but you know what I mean) and trial and error.

I'd love to learn Spanish too and then if we visit America I could converse to my husband's relatives in Spanish.
Blessings Rhonda.

Anonymous said...

Sis. Kristi better do her meme...I tagged her too without knowing that you did!!...LOL These things are so interesting and informative.

Michelle said...

I was reading along enjoying the answers to your meme when lo and behold you TAGED ME! I'm tickled!
OK, so give me some time, but you should see it soon!

e-Mom said...

I feel as if I know you a lot better. Israel is tops on my list of places to go too. (I took a week-long Hebrew course last summer and I'm hooked on the culture.)

I can iceskate too... but where did YOU learn? I learned in Canada.

Rhonda said...

Hi everybody! Now you know me!
I learned to skate a some rink in some mall somewhere. Every Summer we take the kids to Argentina for vacation. There is a little rink in Bariloche. We had so much fun!


Anonymous said...

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