Saturday, July 08, 2006


For all you blog novices like me, (note: I did not say blog idiot, even though that is how I feel) I need to say "photobucket"
You can put your pics and graphics into it and it will make you a html "tag"

The hardest part is knowing just where to put it in the template. I am still working on it.
You will soon be able to see my progress or lack thereof.

The missionary to the deaf will be back tonight with his co-worker, Lori. We're looking forward to a visit, and a real learning experience. Please pray for us.



Tori said...

Looks like your catching on fast. I like the sidebar pictures. *Ü*

e-Mom said...

You have some great graphics here! Keep at it!

Michelle said...

I've enjoyed catching up on whats happening with you and yours! And what your doing with the graphics is great. I am so not there yet!
I can't wait to hear if you get anything new from your visit with the worker with the deaf! Got to go! Take care!

Anonymous said...

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