Saturday, July 08, 2006

My current favorite music

When I was a teenager, I adored Sandi Patti. I wanted to be Sandi Patti. I also loved listening to Steve Green. I actually had the opportunity to meet him and his brother and Buddy Greene. I am convinced that no matter how much hypocrisy there is in CCM, Steve Green is a good guy who really loves God.
But as I grow older in time and in the Lord, my tastes are changing. I like ensembles and choirs more than soloists.

So here's what I choose to listen to.
The Marshall Family.

I don't care for all of it. I'm not real fond of girly quartets. But I like a lot of it. They write a lot of their own stuff, and play a bunch of instruments. What I like to do is to be alone, crank up the volume and sing along.
If you're new to the Marshalls, I suggest you buy the Collections, so that you get 2 albums in one. Its a good deal.
Favorite Songs:
Glory of your Presence
Crimson River
He gives me Joy
Be thou my Vision

They also have a fabulous Christmas album with old and new songs. They include some real oldies I had never heard of, but are great, like "Once in Royal David's City". They also have a song from Elizabeth's perspective called "And he leaped for Joy" Very nice.

They also have 2 Spanish albums, for which we are grateful.

Have a great Lord's day!



e-Mom said...

Thanks for the music tips. Our tastes do change don't they? I happen to have a post on music today too. Stop by and say hello!

Please tell us more about your life in Chile...

Tori said...

I have heard of the Marshalls, but have never heard them. I'll have to go take a look, thanks for the link.

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